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Sterling Kurtz
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The simplest, fastest, and most consistent system to start going viral and building an audience on LinkedIn in 2hrs/week.

Use it for 6 months at my entire risk — in the rare case it doesn’t get you any results, you don’t pay a dime — guaranteed

Hold On For A Second

I have to ask you a quick and life-changing question:

Would you be willing to…

Leverage a zero-risk method to CONSISTENTLY go Viral and become a LinkedInfluencer?*

  • (It’s so fail-safe that if it doesn’t work for you, you get a 100% refund of your purchase price).

Of course, I know it may sound like something outrageous.

And some may want to go back to where they came from.

If that’s your case, go ahead, you can close this tab and all good.

Because what I’m about to reveal on this 3-min page it’s not for everyone.

It’s just for the people who really want to build a personal LinkedIn brand.

Maybe you don't want to spend hours

Or maybe you would rather go through it at your own pace...

In that case, this is for you.

And if you couple it with the a kick-off call with me?

You're virtually unbreakable

Doesn't matter if you’ve never tried this before...

Never posted on LinkedIn...

Don't know what to write in your posts...

Because I walk you through it all

I give you the exact steps to get eye-watering results

You will always know where you are in the process, and what are the next steps to take

No room for stagnation


If you can't put at least 2 hours a week to grow your LinkedIn Audience, it won't work

It just doesn't make sense if you don't have time to invest in yourself

And if you're not willing to get a lot of NO's... because that's just a part of the process

If this doesn't work for you...

This is probably not for you

But if you're ready to put in the work...

Here's everything you get in the LinkedInfluencer - LinkedIn Growth Blueprint:

✅ What content works on LinkedIn

✅ How you can grow authentically

✅ The stories you should aim for

✅ How to build your personal brand

✅ How to attract leads and clients

✅ How freelancers can leverage LinkedIn

✅ Create a profile that wins

✅ How to create content that gets more eyes

Who Is This For?

💸 Freelancers & Creators

💸 Business Professionals

💸 Entrepreneurs

💸 Those who want to establish a personal brand

Who Is This Not For?

❌ People who don't want to put in the work

❌ Overnight success seekers

❌ Uninterested in creating content

What Next?

You want to start adding 1-5k followers within the first 3-4 weeks

This step-by-step (literally) blueprint will get you there

I made it foolproof so that even someone with no experience in writing online can get their first 25k followers with not much effort

If you're looking to take your LinkedIn to the next level at a price that's stupidly affordable, I'll see you in there.

Click on the “I Want This” button below to get it now

After buying you'll get access to all the course modules and resources instantly.

"Sterling, I'm already learning a lot from your LinkedIn content. Why should I buy the LinkedInfluencer Training?"

Yes, my social media content is a valuable source of insights. But it is neither structured, nor meant for beginners like you. **On the other hand, LinkedInfluencer is a structured, step-by-step training of building an audience and carving out your sub-niche on LinkedIn.

Of course, you can figure all of this out by iterating and learning. The only difference is in how much time you're willing to spend in figuring it all out: 1-2 years of trial and error, or a few minutes of LinkedInfluencer Training?

"How long will it take to go viral on LinkedIn?

Although some LinkedInfluencers have gone viral with the first post, you should expect to generate a consistent results to start flowing in in about 20-35 days. The most important thing is that you do as I say in the training and success is inevitable.

"I already have a good following on LinkedIn - How will LinkedInfluencer help me?"

Although this training is meant for beginners, an established LinkedIn user like you can use this training to create more engaging content, build a targeted audience, and become a LinkedInfluencer.

"Will this work for me?"

The strategies I have shared in this training have already worked for me, my clients and several busy founders. In the rare case that something doesn't work for you, drop me a DM and I'll readily help you fix what's not working and get better results!

Are you ready to become a LinkedInfluencer?

Click "I WANT THIS!" and order now!

One Last Important Thing

This deal can't last long at this price.

Actually, I’ll raise it soon.

It isn’t a bluff.

It’s something I always do.

This course started at $7.

Right now, it is $27.

Soon it will cost 2 to 3 times more.

And I’ll continue to increase its price.

The reason is simple:

I’m constantly updating the content of LinkedInfluencer.

The Internet moves fast, things change quickly.

And while all those guides out there are filled with outdated material.

My method is always up-to-date.

I’m adding new strategies, tactics, and lessons all the time.

That’s why I’m always raising the price.

But if you grab The LinkedInfluencer Training today…

You’ll get all the updates for life at zero extra cost.

Here**’s The Cold Hard Truth**

While you’re reading this, others started to apply this method.

They are building their LinkedIn brands with people who could be your followers.

You and they will use the same platform, for the same hours a day.

But, while you’re scrolling, trying to discover how to grow on LinkedIn.

They’re seeing their stats go up.

Big difference.

But, if you start now, you could:

  • Finish going through this course in 50 minutes
  • Start your LinkedInfluencer journey another 10
  • And go viral for the first time ever in the next 30 days

Clock's ticking...

Click the I WANT THIS button to get started today.

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A 4-Part LinkedIn Video Course To Understand Growing On LinkedIn


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LinkedInfluencer - LinkedIn Growth Blueprint

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